“Don’t quote the Curate”… (AKA Rev’d Nick Daw)

The other day we had a family trip to Hereford cathedral. As many of you may know Charlotte and James are avid fans of all things Historical, not to be confused with histrionic, and for this reason one of our main objectives was to see the Mappa Mundi, the 1285 medieval chart of the European world as it was known. You may say the original A-Z or ∆&Ω : hold that thought.

This got me thinking about maps throughout the ages. Now I’m no cartographer but, I know the value of an accurate set of directions. These days with Sat Navs and AA apps (others are available) it’s difficult to think that you could go so wrong that you do not ‘reach your destination’.

So often new developments can lead the navigator into confusion and maybe a small degree of anger (no comment!) by misleading them into inappropriate roads. There are however certain aspects of the majority of maps that will give an above average chance of reaching a desired destination. These are the good old reliable A roads and M roads, or main routes if you prefer.

It’s the same with Christianity, so often new theories, ideas and interpretations will develop that may lead us into confusion, to lose our way or be misled. But if we hold onto those main routes (roots) of our faith, among them being Jesus being the Way to the father, the scriptures, and the creeds and traditions of the catholic church as we receive them, then our journey maybe a little more manageable.

With Advent rapidly approaching, and Christmas a matter of weeks away, now is a good time to programme our spiritual sat navs to a destination that will take us in the right direction – towards the Christ child: our reliable and constantly up to date A-Z, The ∆&Ω : THE WAY!

God bless